Terms and Conditions

Welcome to The Review Universe!

We are thrilled to offer our book promotion services to authors and writers seeking to expand the reach of their literary works. Please carefully review the following terms and conditions that define our approach and commitments to these services.


At The Review Universe, our primary goal is to enhance the visibility of books across diverse platforms, including Instagram, our Website, Amazon, Goodreads, and more. Through strategic promotional activities, we endeavor to introduce books to a broader audience and stimulate interest among potential readers.

Promotional Services

Our suite of services is designed to create exposure and generate interest in books. We employ various promotional strategies to highlight books on different platforms, including Podcasts, Interviews, Reels, Shorts, posts, and other content forms. While we aim to broaden visibility, the outcomes and resulting sales are subject to various factors beyond our control.

Promotional Content and Book Uploads

In addition to our promotional activities across various platforms, The Review Universe creates original content, including Podcasts, Interviews, Reels, Shorts, and posts, featuring authors and their literary works. Furthermore, we may upload books on our website to showcase and promote them to a wider audience. These endeavors are conducted with the sole purpose of enhancing visibility and generating interest in the featured books. While we endeavor to present these materials in a positive light, the outcomes and resulting impact are subject to varied factors beyond our control. Authors engaging our services for content creation and book uploads acknowledge and grant permission for the promotion of their literary works through these channels.

Payment Policy

Upon engaging our promotional services, a fee is charged to cover our efforts and resources dedicated to showcasing your book. This fee is a reflection of the marketing activities undertaken by The Review Universe. We appreciate the support and investment from authors; however, it’s important to note that this fee is non-refundable once services are initiated.

Service Duration

Effective promotion demands careful planning and execution. We strive to deliver our services within a reasonable timeframe, considering the unique requirements of each promotional campaign. However, the duration may vary based on the scope and strategies employed.

Results Expectations

While our services aim to maximize exposure and reach, we cannot guarantee specific sales or outcomes for the promoted books. We emphasize that our efforts serve as a form of indirect advertisement, intending to attract attention and interest in the showcased books.

Liability Statement

As an advertising agency specializing in book promotions, The Review Universe cannot be held accountable for perceived or actual losses stemming from the use of our services. This includes financial implications or missed opportunities associated with the promotional activities undertaken.

Acceptance of Terms

By utilizing our services, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions, understanding the promotional nature of our services and recognizing the unpredictability of outcomes.

Contact Information

Should you require any clarifications or further details regarding our terms and conditions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@thereviewuniverse.com.

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