Review of Grandma’s Culinary Treasure by Dr. Sheryl

In “Grandma’s Culinary Treasure,” embark on a delectable journey through the heart and soul of traditional Mangalorean cuisine, where aromatic spices, rich history, and timeless recipes converge into a culinary masterpiece. Nestled along the pristine coastline of India, Mangalore boasts a culinary heritage as diverse as it is delicious. For generations, recipes have been lovingly passed down from grandmother to mother, and now, they are preserved for all to savor by the passionate granddaughter-author.

This book is not just a collection of recipes; it’s a celebration of family, tradition, and the enduring love for Mangalorean cuisine. Step into the kitchen and discover the secrets of authentic Mangalorean dishes that have stood the test of time, their flavors maturing with every generation. From fragrant and spice-laden curries to crispy and savory snacks, each page takes you on a journey through cherished family recipes.

However, “Grandma’s Culinary Treasure” isn’t just about preserving tradition; it’s about embracing the new. Dr. Sheryl Viegas has ingeniously blended the traditional with the contemporary, bringing modern adaptations of classic recipes that suit the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s kitchen. These recipes will not only delight your taste buds but also make the culinary traditions of Mangalore more accessible to everyone.

“Grandma’s Culinary Treasure” is a trove of nostalgia and innovation, a tribute to family heritage, and a love letter to the rich and diverse cuisine of Mangalore. It’s a must-have for food enthusiasts, especially those who savor the timeless flavors of Mangalore.

Book Description:

BookGrandma’s Culinary Treasure
Publication Date24 August 2023
AuthorDr. Sheryl Viegas
PublisherNotion Press
Pages200 pages
Publication FormatPaper Back, Hard Cover

Bio of the Author:

Dr. Sheryl Viegas is a passionate culinary artist and a dedicated advocate for preserving the rich heritage of Mangalorean cuisine. Born and raised in Mangalore, she developed a deep love for cooking from a young age, inspired by her grandmother’s and mother’s traditional recipes. Dr. Viegas pursued a career in culinary arts, earning her doctorate in Food Science and Nutrition, and she has since become a respected figure in the culinary world.

Throughout her career, Dr. Viegas has been committed to blending tradition with innovation, ensuring that the rich flavors and techniques of Mangalorean cuisine are preserved while adapting them to contemporary lifestyles. She has shared her expertise through numerous cooking workshops, television appearances, and culinary articles, inspiring a new generation of food enthusiasts to embrace the timeless tastes of Mangalore.

When she’s not experimenting in the kitchen or teaching others about the wonders of Mangalorean cooking, Dr. Viegas enjoys traveling, exploring new culinary trends, and spending quality time with her family. “Grandma’s Culinary Treasure” is her heartfelt tribute to the culinary traditions she cherishes and aims to keep alive for future generations.

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