Review of On the Precipice by Brianna Riley MacMahon

“On the Precipice” plunges readers into the politically charged universe of Imperium, one of the most powerful societies in existence. Set in New Caelus, the political heart of Imperium, the story unfolds against the backdrop of a crucial electoral cycle. The populace faces a monumental decision: whether to continue supporting the militaristic Expansionist Party, which advocates for the destruction of their primary adversary, the Core, or to pivot towards the Affiliate Party, which prefers undermining the Core through political means.

In the rigid hierarchy of Imperial society, the Keepers occupy the highest social class and dominate the government. At any given time, seven Keepers serve as Lord Regents, the joint rulers of Imperium. Each Lord Regent is paired with a Prophate, a religious adviser meant to provide spiritual guidance. However, not all Prophates are content with their roles; some harbor political ambitions that stretch beyond their religious duties.

Raelynn Mabry, a recent graduate of the Keeper system, unexpectedly finds herself working for Levin Liston, the Lord Regent of Diplomacy and leader of the Affiliate Party. Raelynn is soon thrust into the intense political rivalry between Liston and Cyno Banner, the Lord Regent of War and Defense, head of the Expansionist Party, and the current Head of the Assembly. Liston seeks to forge an alliance with the Civitan, a group that recently seceded from the Core, a move that faces strong opposition from the Expansionists, who distrust the Civitan due to their past conflicts during the Glass War.

As Liston’s protégé, Raelynn navigates the treacherous political landscape, helping him negotiate with the Civitan while finding her footing in her new role. With Election Day approaching, Imperium faces critical decisions that will shape its future. Alliances will be formed or shattered, and the stakes have never been higher as the fate of Imperium hangs in the balance.

Book Description:

BookOn the Precipice
SeriesNew Caelus
Publication Date29 November 2023
AuthorBrianna Riley MacMahon
PublisherIndependently Published
Pages301 pages
Publication FormatPaper Back, Kindle, Audiobook, Hard Cover

Bio of the Author:

Brianna MacMahon graduated from Hartwick College in 2017 with a dual degree in political science and history. During her time there, she honed her writing skills by creating plays, monologues, screenplays, short stories, and poems. She furthered her education by earning an MA in political science from Syracuse University, graduating in 2020, a year marked by significant global events. When not immersed in writing, Brianna enjoys reading, spending time with her family, playing RPGs, and re-watching her favorite comfort shows. Eager to share her stories with the world, she brings her academic background and creative passion to her writing.


“On the Precipice” is a riveting political thriller set in a richly imagined universe where power, influence, and control dictate the lives of its inhabitants. Brianna Riley MacMahon masterfully weaves a tale of intrigue, ambition, and high-stakes politics, drawing readers into a world where every decision can alter the course of history. Through the journey of Raelynn Mabry, readers experience the complexities of political maneuvering and the personal growth that comes from navigating such a volatile environment. With its compelling characters and intricate plot, “On the Precipice” is a must-read for fans of political drama and science fiction.

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