Review of The Legacy Navigator by Lance E Welch

In “The Legacy Navigator,” Lance E. Welch offers a compelling call to action for individuals to recognize the legacy they leave behind and take transformative steps to shape it intentionally. Many people find themselves paralyzed at the prospect of crafting a meaningful legacy, daunted by the perceived complexity and uncertainty of the process.

Welch presents a masterful blueprint that demystifies the art of intentional legacy creation. Using the metaphor of a legacy table supported by four essential legs, he guides readers through a logical and accessible path to designing their ideal family legacy. Drawing on real-life stories of individuals who have successfully created lasting, multi-generational impacts, Welch provides practical resources and insights to empower readers on their own journey of legacy formation.

“The Legacy Navigator” emphasizes that legacy is not merely about what one leaves behind but encompasses the deliberate actions and choices made in the present. It challenges readers to initiate their intentional legacy today, ensuring a meaningful impact that resonates through generations.

Book Description:

BookThe Legacy Navigator
Publication Date6 March 2024
AuthorLance E Welch
PublisherBurning Soul Press
Pages142 pages
Publication FormatPaper Back, Kindle, Audiobook

Bio of the Author:

Lance E. Welch is an esteemed author and expert in legacy planning and family wealth stewardship. With a career dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of legacy creation, Welch brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his writing. His passion for empowering others to design and implement intentional legacies shines through in “The Legacy Navigator,” where he distills years of expertise into practical advice and inspirational stories. Welch’s approachable style and profound insights make him a trusted guide for anyone seeking to leave a lasting and purposeful legacy for their loved ones and community.


“The Legacy Navigator” by Lance E. Welch is a transformative guidebook that inspires and empowers readers to embark on the journey of intentional legacy creation. Through clear, actionable steps and poignant real-life examples, Welch dismantles the perceived barriers to legacy planning, guiding readers towards crafting impactful legacies that transcend time. Whether you are contemplating your legacy for the first time or seeking to refine existing plans, Welch’s blueprint provides invaluable wisdom and practical tools to navigate this profound endeavor. “The Legacy Navigator” is not just a book; it is a catalyst for meaningful action and a testament to the enduring power of intentional living.

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